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 |Punk rp Idea|

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Alex N. Williams(SC)
Head Moderator

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PostSubject: |Punk rp Idea|   Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:15 pm

Welcome to this brand new world of 2025! It looks pretty different doesn't it?
Well if you can't tell the world has been sectioned off into 3 parts! In the sky you have the Cyberpunks, with their vast knowledge with technology and defense, On the earth itself you have the Splatter punks with their vast knowledge of weapons and attacks. Lastly, underground you have the Steampunks with their vast knowledge of weapons and engineering.
Though each group may seem different, they all have two thing in common.. Each want destroy and take over the others, so that they may rule and each group has one leader, that is both the strongest of the group.

Because why not try to remake this rp :D
I enjoyed it the first time it happen though it never finished and it got deleted..
So why not try again! If you were apart of this rp before and would like your previous roles feel free to ask!
[We are gonna continue from where the Steampunks and Cyberpunks are in an Alliance]

Anyway here some brief info on each of the groups;
Cyberpunks- The 2nd smartest group out of the other two groups. This group is known to be better at hacking and creating futuristic type weapons + Technology. They're not the best at hand-to-hand combat.
Splatterpunks- The most violent and bloodthirsty of the other two groups. This group is known to be better at stealth and attack than the other groups. Their flaw is the lack of trust between each other[since they won't hesitate to kill anyone on their side].
Steampunks- The smartest group out of the other two groups. This group is known to be better at enineering[like adding modifications to weapons] and battle. Their flaw is since they're underground most of the time, they have no real knowledge of the surface.
The Group Locations:

Applications to Join:

Who's Joining:

Name: Alex N. Jones
Age: 19
Group: Splatterpunk
Occupation: Leader
Personality: Alex is known to be quiet the odd and kinda disturbing type of girl. She isn't really one to put up with anyone's bullshit so if someone tries to cross her, she won't hesitate to cut their head off with her prized axe. She isn't really one to show anyone mercy, be it someone in her group or in the other group. She is known to be pretty stealthy and quick, as well as pretty good at disguising herself.

Name: Amelia F. Jones
Age: 18
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Follower
Personality: Amelia is known to be pretty energetic and kinda silly sometimes, though if the need be she can get pretty serious when she wants too. Though she might try to help defend her group, she won't hesitate to betray them when it comes to defending family.


“I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.
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Jack Frost (Winter)

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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:30 am

Name: Kuro Honda
Age: 20 (for this RP)
Group: Splatterpunk
Occupation: Follower
Personality: Kuro is the usually stoic member of the Splatterpunks. He doesn't give a shit about anyone unless it's his fellow members. He is just sitting in the background and only comes out if his honor is at stake (or family). When in a group meeting, he doesn't speak his opinions freely, only when asked to, and this is his flaw. He's good with his katana and is usually quick to kill his prey, which is a bonus. He's merciless as well and won't hesitate to kill someone (anyone).

Name: Riku Hamada
Age: 19 (for this RP)
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Follower
Personality: She is the Steampunk's inventor and scientist. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of person and she is usually grinning, but she can be serious if need be. She's really short-tempered whenever she's serious and jokes won't do any good, that's why she's always smiling - she doesn't want the other members to see her as rude. And being on her bad side is a bad thing.
Appearance(Optional): She usually wears glasses and her protective goggles are on her head - usually her goggles are forgotten to be taken off. She also wears a white lab coat and is usually covered in dust, mostly from scavenging her broken projects for reusable parts. Under the lab coat, she still wears her usual hoodie and shorts.
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Leuchteland (Friedrich)

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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:25 pm

Name: Friedrich von Schwarzritter
Age: 25
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Leader?
Personality: Friedrich is a courageous, intelligent, and chivalrous man who knows how to fix or make anything out of gears, wires, and metal. (Which is what most Steampunk machines are made with.) He is a brilliant tactician and will do what must be done for the good of his people. Even if it means risking his life for others.
Appearance(Optional): Well over 6 ft tall and well built. Has black hair in a military style cut and rare golden eyes. He wears a black stiff collar uniform with gold buttons and a few medals, a white Sam Browne belt with a modified Mauser C96 and a sword at his sides. He also wears black riding breeches and riding boots. Typically wears a pickelhaube helmet as well.

Name: Doctor Hugo von Schwarzritter
Age: 22
Group: Cyberpunk
Occupation: I suppose he can be a very ambitious follower
Personality: Highly intelligent, a little mad, but he is mostly kind.
Appearance(Optional): A little shorter than Friedrich at 5 ft 11 in. Well built and has brown hair. He usually wears sunglasses, so nobody really knows what his eye color is. He wears a dark green officer cap with an eye insignia, a white trenchcoat with golden eye emblems on the shoulders and a pin on the lapel. and a dark green uniform with a little red and black here and there. He wears a black belt with an eye on the buckle, dark green trousers, and tall black boots.
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Romulus Vargas (Rome)

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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:19 pm

Name: Matteo Domenico Vargas
Age: 26
Group: Cyberpunk
Occupation: Second or third in command
Personality: Matteo isn't the ambitious type, and probably wouldn't ever be able to handle the stress of being leader, but as a deputy he's excellent. Intelligent, shy, modest, and loyal... but he's a coward. He's not very willing to go out on the front lines, and he's physically weak but he's a good strategist and peacemaker. He's often the one sent to parley with the rival groups. He's not extremely tech-savvy, as he's more of geography geek. He's excellent at making/reading maps and knows the lands like the back of his own hand, so usually he's the pilot.
Appearance(Optional): Lanky and thin, with soft grey-blue eyes and messy light-brown hair. He usually dresses practically but formally.

Name: Adam Lewis Wonder
Age: 27
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Leader or deputy
Personality: Ambitious and strong-willed, Adam is a somewhat pushy, determined young man who'd never take no for an answer. If something doesn't go his way he'll think of something clever to weasel out of it, and on some occasions, resort to violence. He's a cunning, sly person and usually tries to solve problems with his intelligence. However, he can be rather arrogant at times, and over-confident in his abilities. He's very cynical and somewhat paranoid, believing that everyone will desert him if there's a benefit in doing so.
Appearance(Optional): He's pretty tall and intimidating, but his figure is pretty average. He's stronger than he looks. Adam has steely-grey eyes and dark reddish-brown hair.
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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:09 am

Name: Viktor Braginsky
Age: 24
Group: Cyberpunk
Occupation: Leader or High Ranking Military Official
Personality: Viktor is not one to be messed with. No one really knows where he came from, in fact he just appeared at the entrance of the Cyberpunks with his two sisters. They were taken in and raised by a politically high ranking officer and put into military school. Viktor preformed at the top of his class and was the academy's youngest and most successful graduate. He is both feared and respected by his peers and a natural born leader. Viktor is smart and strong with a liking towards sarcasm.The only people he trusts dearly are his two sisters, who are also trained in combat. The only thing that matches his sheer strength is his ambition. He has shown no sign of weakness and is determined to put the Cyberpunks on top.
Appearance: Viktor is blessed with the huge and extremely built height of 6'7, which intimidates all of his opponents. He was born with red eyes and an aura that oozes power. He has a scar running across the left-side of his face which he covers up with his thick hair. The scar, from a previous battle, wounded his left eye. He now has a an red, natural looking robotic eye that scans and investigates the strengths and weaknesses of everyone and everything he sees.

Name: Esmeralda Peña
Age: 21
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Ambitious 1st Officer/Follower
Personality: Esmeralda is in two words: a sharp shooter. She is an engineering genius who is good with her hands and with a peculiar knack for guns. She can shoot anything down, and I mean anything. She only recently joined the Steampunk hierarchy, but is learning fast. She is great under pressure and knows what needs to be done. She is a hotshot with a bit of an attitude, but do not mistake her fire with hotheadedness.
Appearance: Esmeralda has thick, long brown hair and darker eyes. She is 5'7 and has full lips and long lashes. Her skin is naturally a darker olive tone but is more of a beautiful golden brown due to long hours on missions. Due to many unwanted suitors, she isn't a fan of dresses and wears a tight military uniform with goggles, a half-leather half-mechanical jacket, and thigh-high boots.

Last edited by Viktor Braginsky on Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:52 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:44 am

Name: Ruslana Arlovskaya
Age: 19
Group: Cyberpunk
Occupation: Follower/leader's secretary
Personality: Unlike her tough-acting brother Viktor, Ruslana is a gentle, soft-spoken, mature girl. She's a little shy and very girlish. She's described as 'adorable' unlike her intimidating brother. It's a miracle how she was enrolled in military school at all, but she is, however, very determined and tough on the inside even though she acts like a little girl who couldn't hurt a fly. Oh yeah, and she can fight. She's not weak in any way, mentally or physically. Hurt her siblings and you end up with missing teeth at best, a missing face at worst. She's very affectionate towards both her siblings.
Never underestimate cute little girls....
Appearance: With back-length pale golden blonde hair, a pale, porcelain complexion, and a petite figure, not to mention her 'cute girl' choice of clothing, including cute skirts and blouses, usually going along the color scheme of pastel pink, purple, white, and blue, she just looks like your typical lolita-ish office secretary girl. Don't be too surprised if she mauls you with the ferocity of a feral tiger or just puts a bullet in your leg.
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Anneliese Edelstein

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PostSubject: Punk rp idea   Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:38 am

Name: Anneliese Edelstein
Age: 26
Group: Steampunk
Occupation: Follower
Personality: Anneliese falls into the Steampunk category. In summary, she is a level-headed individual who prefers logic over emotion, and class over sass. When faced with a dilemma, she is able to think clearly and quickly. She is additionally very curious of the outside world and enjoys reading philosophy and studying biology. She wishes to become a scientist. On the other hand, she is very quiet and has difficulty communicating. If she has an idea she'll write it down, but otherwise has difficulty due to some social anxiety. She is very introverted and it can be difficult for her to break out of her shell.

Appearance: Anneliese most often sports a lilac coloured dress adorned with a cravat and lace trim. She wears tall brown boots that can be considered quite durable, and wears white Victorian gloves to complete. Every now and then she slips a tourmaline pendant into her hair for show. Sometimes she will tie her dark brown hair into a pony tail, but normally she leaves it at its natural shoulder-length height. Finally, she sports tinted glasses in hopes to discourage any attention to her violet-blue eyes.

Name: Erland Oxenstierna
Age: 13
Group: Splatterpunk
Occupation: Ambitious follower
Personality: Erland is very ambitious and often sucks up to his comrades to stay on their "good side". He aims to be more than just a follower, rather he wants to be known and feared. Although he knows he's just some puny kid in the long run, he still clings onto the hope that he can become something more. For a weapon, he uses a small dagger.

Last edited by Anneliese Edelstein on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:07 am; edited 2 times in total
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Chad Ched (YouTube)

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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:26 pm

Name: Chad Ched
Age: 19
Group: Cyberpunk
Occupation: Eh, I guess a very ambitous follower.
Personality: Chad is a man that goes with his heart more often than his head. He enjoys working with computers and hacking. While on the other hand, he can not use a weapon very well. He is rather loud and childish at times, but knows when to be mature when he needs to be. He is loyal and friendly to his group, and would almost never betray them.
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PostSubject: Re: |Punk rp Idea|   

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|Punk rp Idea|
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