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 M!Solomon Islands

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Viko W.K. [M!Solomon Is.]
Viko W.K. [M!Solomon Is.]

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PostSubject: M!Solomon Islands    M!Solomon Islands  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2015 9:28 pm

Name: Viko Wohl-Kirkland

Representative of: Solomon Islands

Gender: Male

Age: 19 human, 450 historical

Brief personality: Unlike his sister, Viko is the soul of the party. He is flirtatious, energetic, loud, and obviously, very reckless. With Viko, there is no other way of doing things but his, and he tends to act without thinking. He tends to open his mouth without considering that maybe his opinion wasn't required, and will often find himself in trouble for it. However, he will not call out his friends out of fear of being rejected, and will look the other way even when he knows things are going to end up badly.

Brief physical description: He looks almost exactly like his sister, with the exceptions of the male biological differences. Viko has wavy, messy hair that he almost never bothers to comb. Because his eyes have the same sad look as his sister's, he wears shades everywhere he goes, taking them off only to talk to her; he is tired of being asked if there is something wrong with him. Despite his sister's height, Viko is much more taller |6'0"| and has no freckles anywhere. However, he does have Narcissa's half-moon birthmark, but his is located on the right knee.

Brief history:
Under the spoiler:

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Any special powers or abilities: None
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M!Solomon Islands
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